16 days of activism campaign

The campaign 16 days of activism against violence against women (November 25 - December 10) aims to strengthen respect for women`s human rights in Slovakia, improve access to protection, support and assistance for women experiencing violence by increasing the active attitude of the state and the public. As part of this activity, we will organize an exhibition called Get Out of the Circle of Violence . It aims to commemorate the lives of women and girls who have worked, had neighbors, neighbors, friends and girlfriends, family and children, and whose lives have ended violently at the hands of a husband, ex-husband, partner or acquaintance. However, we also want to point out the women who have managed to free themselves from the violent partner. Throughout the campaign, you will be able to express your views on the issue of violence against women. If you participate in the exhibition, you will be able to take a picture with the table: Let`s not say violence against women . Such an active expression of a negative attitude towards violence against women contributes to reducing tolerance for violence in our society. In this way, we want to encourage people not to be indifferent to their commitment and activity. With the exhibition we want to help women who are experiencing violence. We want to help women and their children find better understanding and support in their immediate neighborhood and community.

Activity will take place between October and December 2021, 2022, 2023.

Domestic and Gender-Based Violence program co-financed by the Norway grants and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.