We can all take a few active steps to protect women and children from violence. Let`s do it!

16 things you can do:
1. Find out about violence against women, its causes and consequences.
2. Disseminate information on violence against women in your circle of close people, friends and girlfriends, at school or at work.
3. Talk about violence against women. By silence, you support violence.
4. Respond to views that it is okay to be abusive or violent towards women.
5. Do not support traditional notions of the roles of women and men in the family and society. Women and men are, above all, people with equal rights.
6. Do not tolerate acts of violence in your area.
7. Spread the idea of zero tolerance of violence against women through your own behavior and attitudes.
8. Guide your children to respect the rights of others. Tell them that violence against women is not right.
9. Find out about an NGO in your area that provides help and support to women experiencing violence.
10. Support the activities of non-governmental organizations aimed at combating violence against women.
11. Become a volunteer in a non-governmental organization working in the field of combating violence against women.
12. Take an active part in campaigns and other activities against violence against women.
13. Disseminate information on the activities and work of non-governmental organizations working with women who experience violence in partnerships.
14. Be interested in what steps the Slovak government has committed itself to in relation to violence against women and how it is fulfilling its obligations.
15. Ask the representatives in your local councils what they are doing to help stop the violence against women.
16. Encourage local and national politicians to ensure a sufficient number and quality of specific support services for women experiencing violence (helplines, specialist counseling centers and safe women`s shelters).