About project

Slovakia is still a country in which the position of women in the family and society is based on established gender stereotypes, which in practice means that women`s rights are not equal to men`s rights. Women are threatened by poverty, trafficking in women, inequality in pay conditions, but these inequalities are being eliminated only very slowly. The project Women`s rights are human rights is a project aimed at strengthening the competences of girls and women. Roma women from marginalized communities also have a special place in the project, because they are even more threatened by violence. Roma women from marginalized Roma communities are often not expected to work. Therefore, girls often do not even finish primary school. Cases of selling women or forced marriages were found in the past. This awareness is lacking in the public, so we want to increase it by educating young people and the public through education, exhibitions, campaigns and social networks. We believe that thanks to our project we will contribute to raising awareness, changing attitudes towards gender equality and intolerance of violence.

The civil association MyMamy is the partner of the project, which, as part of the Women`s Rights are Human Rights project, will be devoted to the education of predominantly Roma youth in the Prešov region. You can find more information and contact for the civic association MyMamy at: https://www.mymamy.sk/kontakt/.

The project is supported within the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence program co-financed by the Norway grants and the Slovak state budget.