OZ ZENA V TIESNI has been working in the field of education for a long time. We provide education of various types of lectures, trainings, seminars, discussions, conferences. If you are interested in our education concept, you can contact us, contact details are listed on our website.

We have training in issues related to the processes of violence against women in 30-hour, 60-hour, 100-hour cycles.
The educational concept is focused on in-depth knowledge of the processes of violence (forms, cycle, dynamics, patterns of violence), the effects of violence, the possibilities of help.
We vary the trainings according to the requirements and needs of the participants.
Training specifications focusing on safety management, security plan, violence identification.
The training is conducted in an interactive, experiential way
This type of education is suitable for learning basic information, data on violence against women. Our goal is to contribute to public awareness and zero tolerance of violence against women in an interactive, experiential way.
We design workshops and seminars with a focus on:

- Introduction to violence against women
- Violence trials
- Impacts of violence
- Violence against women in the context of guardianship disputes
- Cohabitation with a violent partner

The extent depends on the time allocation of the workshop in the range of 1-4 hours. We vary workshops and seminars according to the requirements and needs of participants.

Our lectures focus on two main topics: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and WOMEN`S RIGHTS - GENDER EQUALITY. Lectures are designed for primary, secondary and higher education in the range of 1-2 teaching hours Preventive activities in the fight against violence against women also include public education and lectures. Since the founding of the civic association WOMAN IN NEED, we have been addressing primary and secondary schools, social service centers and the general public with the aim of eliminating violence against women. In addition to regular educational activities, we regularly contribute to raising awareness of people of all ages about the topic of violence against women, to orientate themselves in the topic of gender-based violence, to reduce tolerance of all people towards violence against women and to eliminate common gender stereotypes. the young generation of women who are potentially at risk from an abusive partner. We want them to know what their rights and responsibilities are, and we want them to know how to defend their partner`s violence. Through educational activities of various kinds, we spread the idea that every person has the right to live without violence.