Help for children

A program for children who have experienced violence

Violence against the mother is also a form of violence against children, so it is necessary to provide help to children in our work. Programs designed specifically for children experiencing violence can eliminate the impact of violent parental relationships on children, limit the lasting effects of violence, and improve children`s ability to form relationships in adulthood. The goal of the programs that we use in our work (Mommy and Me, filial therapy and play therapy and EMDR for children) is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of children and to improve their psychological health and their sense of well-being. We want to teach children how to enjoy their childhood again.

The civil association MyMamy is the partner of the project, which will provide counseling in the Prešov Region as part of the Safe Way from Violence project.
The project is supported within the Domestic and Gender-Based Violence program co-financed by the Norwegian grants and the Slovak State Budget.