I know a woman experiencing violence

What to do if you experience violence?

Violence against women takes place behind closed household doors.

Many people still distance themselves from helping a woman experiencing violence in a relationship, arguing that it is only a matter of family or spouses who have to solve their own problems. The woman is thus left alone with this problem. Many of our friends, colleagues, neighbors are experiencing violence, but they are afraid to talk about it. By searching for our site, you are already showing that you want to help your friend, acquaintance, colleague, neighbor.

Not sure if this is a violent person? The following clues experienced by the violent woman will help you:
• isolation - a woman cannot meet family or friends;
• jealousy - her partner or husband is jealous, too possessive;
• check - her partner or husband checks her personal belongings, phone, e-mail;
• injuries - the woman has bruises or other injuries, the occurrence of which she cannot explain, or the injuries recur and the explanation is insufficient;
• fear - a woman is afraid of her partner`s reaction;
• trivialization - a woman justifies or facilitates the violent behavior of her partner or husband;
• financial dependence - a woman does not have access to finances, she must ask them from her husband or partner.

If you know about domestic violence, it can be difficult for you to ask about a woman`s violence so that you don`t touch her or hurt her. You may feel anxious or worried about how this woman will react. Nevertheless, it is important to break the barrier of silence and to ask sensitively about domestic violence. A woman is often ashamed of the violence, hiding it and minimizing its effects. Naming the problem and moving towards it can help the woman stop the cycle of violence.

If you have decided to talk to a woman about your suspicions, then:
• do not be indifferent because your indifference allows others to commit violence;
• encourage a violent woman to talk about violence;
• let her know that many women experience a similar situation and that every situation has a solution;
• trust him, don`t trivialize her problem, stand by her side, don`t justify the rapist;
• tell her no one deserves to be subjected to violence;
• don`t force her into anything, she has to decide for herself what to do;
• offer her that she can sleep with you in case of danger;
• offer her help (eg assistance to a doctor, police, lawyer);
• help her report an attack on the police if she decides to do so;
• if minors are witnesses or direct victims of violence, talk about violence against children, say that the Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children and Social Guardianship should inform the whole situation;
• tell her that no one can handle the violence alone, and give her contacts to experts;
• try to learn as much as possible about the issue of domestic violence;
• don`t confront the rapist;
• help the woman create a security plan.

Remember that only the perpetrator is always to blame!