Safe date

Non-violent relationships are based on mutual trust. A good relationship requires tolerance, responsibility and the art of listening to others.

Listening means trying to understand the other person's point of view, to understand that for the other person his feelings are as important as yours for you. Violence can occur on a casual meeting, on a first date, or in a serious long-term relationship.

Recommendations for safe dating:
- Someone from your surroundings, someone you trust, should know where and with whom you go.
- The most suitable place for a date is where there are more people and where you know each other.
- You have the right to disagree with your friend, to say no.
- You have the option to leave the date at any time if you don't feel well.
- You have the right to refuse activities you don't like.
- If your friend decides to pay the bill for both of you, you are not obligated to repay him in any way.
- You have the right for your friend to treat you with respect and equality. If not, express your feelings.
- You have the right to refuse sex at any time and for any reason.
- Your friend has no right to behave aggressively (mentally, physically, sexually), under any circumstances.
- Watch out for the decreasing ability to react under the influence of alcohol and drugs!