For mothers with children


The presence of violence in the family affects the health, psyche and development of children, his view of the family and future partner, disrupts the relationship between mother and child, in the future up to 50% of boys may repeat the violence of their parents, 50% of girls can follow the pattern find a violent partner in the family. The consequences of experienced violence in children can be mitigated by appropriately chosen tools with elements of branch, game therapy or processing of traumatic experiences associated with violence.

One of the effects of violence is the disruption of the mother-child relationship, and branch therapy is appropriate to strengthen, deepen and improve it. It is a training of parenting skills for mothers with children, which is carried out by the method of game therapy. The training consists of 10 theoretical meetings between the mother and the therapist once a week and a minimum of seven prescribed half-hours of the mother`s and her child`s once a week. It is suitable for children under 10 years of age, it will help you better understand your child, identify his feelings, needs, create space for mutual interaction (proving that you care about him, has the certainty that he is not responsible and punished for the situation at home ).

Individual therapy with older children under the guidance of a specialist will help the child to orientate and cope with the family situation. Therapeutic work will provide an opportunity for children to talk about violence, present their feelings in a safe environment in a counseling center and then work with its feelings and needs.